It was Danny’s third visit to the Fort George Brewery on Sunday, October 23 2011. This time he came solo. He looped himself through pedals and rocked some of his new tunes coming from a series of three new albums. The current release is entitled Rocket.

It was a good time and Danny actually played his banjo!Those folks who thought the instrument was amiss in the last two shows were missing out if they were not there!



This October started out sweetly by bringing us the weather we North Coasters are used to. Overcast and drizzly. It makes me happy.  Nice show on Sunday, Oct. 2nd at the Fort George Brewery with the lovely Aireene Espiritu with her ukelele. She visited us from Oakland, CA. Wednesday night, Oct. 5th, we had The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank return from Minnesota. They stomped their way into the hearts of those that came out. Teague and Ian spent the night and we hit the Columbian for great breakfast. Friday, Oct. 7th Seattle’s SXO played at Hazel’s Tavern. Jamie and Paul played songs off their newest release Cat in Heat. The Cd was so fresh I helped them glue the Cd packages together. Finally, on Sunday, Oct. 9th the Fort George Brewery was treated by guitar drums and a Hammond organ with a Leslie(!) by the Seattle group Garage Voice. Duly noted was the refreshing lyrics that were very positive.  Fabulous week!


The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank


SXO (Sex Offender)


Garage Voice

Chris Anderson, Dayton Hicks and Adam Pitner of FBR. MIA Alana Rolfe

I was Fierce Bad Rabbitted this weekend. Starting off with hitting their show (Fierce Bad Rabbit) Friday at the Sandtrap in Gearhart with Sarah B and Carter (who shook his thang enthusiastically out in the grass out back). Then they played the Fort George Brewery on Sunday night to a very pleased audience. They crashed at my house. (The standard house tour applied)  Monday we did a sweet tour of the North Coast and on a fantastic day too! We explored Cape D land/wonderland.

I love being able to communicate music talk with like minded people. Priceless. And it’s always fun to have guests in the true Hideout. Bonus: getting to hear their first three songs currently being mixed for their next album to be entitled “Live and Learn.”

I have to mention my luck at coming across Music Fest North West this year. I had no clue it was happening until I was at it and I have wanted to attend for years. I got to catch Sharon Van Etten at the Bunk Bar- I literally sat at her feet in worship. Next night it was me throwing the dice to see if I could get in to The Kills at the Crystal Ballroom with no ticket in hand. I had success (FREE) and witnessed their bad ass glory from front right stage. I was swooning with love.

Keep going to see live music and if you read this and are in Astoria don’t miss Blind Pilot at the Column this Sunday starting at 4pm. Come rain or shine it will be a rare event that will be remembered for a long time!


Well, I was coerced into Word Press land.  Here I am taking advantage of one of it’s benefits and am posting my first post. -ever.

Check out what’s coming to Astoria soon. Tons of good stuff on the way. No fretting about fall, there will be plenty of fun to be had.

Go ahead and leave comments if you like and thanks for checking out Astoria Hideouts and for going out to see live music!

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