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This page is here to assist you in deciding where to go in Astoria for fun. “What’s going on in Astoria?” is a question we aim to answer. Things to do are listed. Stuff to do is also here. Astoria night life or nightlife is also covered. Basically we have the information above freely available for free to the general public. Everyone is welcome. Please remember some of the events listed will take place at establishments which comply with state liquor laws, so under 21 may not be allowed. However, our aim is to provide happeningz information relating to young people’s events as well as adult events and events meant for a general audience. You may have come here looking for information on stuff to do at the coast, or party info, or Astoria bars, or even art. Music is our most important search term. You may have guessed, and correctly, that this whole paragraph is nothing more than a lot of words for the search engines to use to categorize our site, and to refer to us by. Have a great vacation! Have a fun time! Come to one of our cool hangouts. I wouldn’t call our places local bars, and I wouldn’t call them art galleries, and I wouldn’t even call them concert venues or concerts. Well, I guess you COULD call them concert venues. A concert is a music event, and that’s what we have here.

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